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Palmengarten Frankfurt

Place of Event (unless otherwise stated): Gallery at the Palm House
Address: Siesmayerstr. 61, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 69 212-36689 and 212-33939 / telephone information service: +49 69 212-39111

Opening Hours of the Ticket Office and Exhibition Houses
Siesmayerstr. 63 and Palmengartenstr. 11:
Nov to Jan: daily 09:00–16:00
Feb to Oct: daily 09:00–18:00

Zeppelinallee 18: only on Sunday and Holiday: 10:00–16:00

Access to Gallery, Flowers House, Palm House and Tropicarium while Cash Point Opening Hours only

The next Events and Exhibitions

30.11.2017-26.12.2017: Christmas in the Palm Garden

Every year a little different, but always beautiful!

09.12.2017-21.01.2018: Winter Lights

Impressive light installations in palm house and outdoor area. Last admission: 8 pm!
Different opening hours: 17-21 clock (except on Christmas Eve 9-15 clock / New Year's Eve: 9-16 clock).
The Palm House is open during this exhibition until 20 o'clock.

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