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Apple iPhone X


Limited recommendation!

Because of some Apple peculiarities, no recommendation is possible for everyone.
If you are willing to compromise and accept the disadvantages (maybe even because of the unbeatable advantages), you will get a very nice and solid smartphone

Not all customers make these compromises

Ample storage space only for a surcharge

The maximum memory is worth the extra charge - with less memory, an iPhone would be completely useless for me!
I use smartphones generally as a jukebox for my large and growing music collection and since then quite passable cameras are installed as an always-on camera. Even as a document scanner, the iPhone with matching app is ideal. The memory is not expandable, so the model with the largest built-in memory is a must.

High surcharge for better service in case of warranty

Despite Apple Care + insurance, there is supposedly no new equipment in the case of damage, but rather repaired used equipment. That's why I do not finish any more. In addition, this only applies to the device you have just purchased. Anyone who already gets a new iPhone after a year by contract renewal and sells the old one, will pay for the second year of insurance coverage unnecessarily.

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