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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Call Filter

Allow Calls / finely adjustable Positive List

Apple calls it "Do Not Disturb" - check the setup menu DND / Allow calls:

Favorites = Anonymous callers and disturbers get busy or mailbox
Callers with suppressed call number immediately get a busy signal or be thrown to the mailbox when activated "Do not disturb" (DND).

Timeframe for strong conservative people and hardliners, who you still like
Sture acquaintances and relatives that the free caller ID from the network operators do not want to switch to, you can still achieve at certain times when you "do not disturb" not running off all daybut for example, only 20:00-18:00. So between 18 and 20 o'clock would pass through each, even if the caller can not be found in the address book of your iPhone because of CLIR.

The outgoing message to your mailbox you could formulate accordingly ("landed on the mailbox only because of CLIR", ... "please next time with activated caller ID call").

Alternatively, enable a rough positive list

If anonymous callers, stalker, automatic dialing and dialing the wrong number fax machines are to be blocked, but everyone else should call contact saved in the iPhone address book, you can find the ideal solution later in the settings menu DND / Allow calls:


This option allows the selection of contacts / groups

Once automatic dialing call ("Dialer") mis-advertising caller without ceasing at short intervals, thereby suppress your own number or display a fake constantly changing number, must "do not disturb" remain active, otherwise it is no longer accessible for serious callers!

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