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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Assistant Siri

Technically thrilled (and) sci-fi fans would like to use their computer as in the Sci-Fi series Star Trek by language.
In 2007, the company Siri Inc. started developing a digital assistant, in April 2010 Apple bought the company with all rights to the products and the iPhone 4s became the first smartphone with the digital assistant named Siri. Since then you can control the iPhone by voice.
Unfortunately, Steve Jobs had decided to let the very powerful software work very slimmed down online.
The original software could run completely without an online connection to the data center on the iPhone and would not be as restricted as we know it.


I see the main purpose of a digital assistant in the operation of the smartphone, without taking it into the hand. Anyone who uses a Bluetooth headset is particularly pleased about this possibility, because this way the iPhone can remain protected in the pocket. On most headsets, the voice control is started with a long press on the call answering button. If you use a headset on an Apple iPhone from version 4s upwards, the assistant Siri is addressed and instead of "Hey, Siri!" To say is called his desire. Siri answers questions about the weather, can send dictated messages, read the messages received, remind them of appointments, wake up in the morning, play their own music, call the performers of a running music track, and the events of sporting events and much more.


A few examples ...

Stock Exchange

Phone and Contacts

Find Friends






Time and Alarm


Maps and Navigation




Hey, Siri!

So you call the assistant and immediately afterwards the question or the desire.
Siri understands freely formulated questions / instructions and answers some questions with a comment ...
Example: To the question "How cold is it now?" Siri replied, "It is now 7, but I do not find it cold, Michael."
By the way, Siri is bitterly cold 4 degrees down, Siri comments on all of them, "... but I do not find it cold."


As seen in the example above, Siri leaves the units out of "7 degrees Celsius" or at least "7 degrees" simply becomes "7".

Supplement 01.05.2016: Apple has finally brought the German Siri the unit of measure "degree". She now says "7 degrees" instead of just "7".
Because foreign languages do not have the same priority with Apple, Siri is still not as funny and funny as in her native language.
There is a separate database for each language.

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