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Plantronics M50 Bluetooth Headset

Ordering Procedure

29.12.2011: Ordered one Plantronics M50 at The price: 28,00 EUR.
31.12.2011: My favorite DHL Packstation announces me via SMS: parcel received!
01.01.2012: Before the first use - charging the battery as described in the manual full two hours.
01.06.2012: The price now is at 24,99 EUR. Very reasonable price, insider´s tip! Much other headsets have not the same quality at the same or higher price!


15.03.2014: Unfortunately since a long time this headset is a discontinued model.
Cause of the battery is built-in and not changeable from a customer I can not longer recommend to buy that model.
Reason: at all current offered devices the battery status now is very low maybe already dead. Furthermore the price of now offered old devices would have to be less than from a new one with fresh battery. But the opposite happens - dubiouse dealers offers this discontinued model at Amazon for more as one hundred EUR!
For a not longer saleable phase-out model with exceeded storage time that is daylight robbery ...

Symbol Lighbulb as hint for the following tip Instead of paying insane hundred EUR or USD for an very outdated device better buy its improved successor M70 for about 25 EUR or less!

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