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Software Variety for Smartphones

Software for Smartphones = Mobile Apps

Smartphones are very popular not only because they are always online (E-Mail, WWW).
Missed functions can be added easily from the customer themselfs by installing mobile apps.

This concept has established within a little while and in the meantime simple handsets without the possibility of installing additional apps were requested lesser.
The manufacturers of mobile phones have understood that Smartphones can placed on the market more successfully by offering apps on an own marketplace.
This in combination with a marketing budget into the millions made Apple, Google and Samsung to the industry leaders.

Chronicle: App Marketplaces of Smartphone Manufacturers

06.03.2008: Apple opens its own market place named App Store.
22.10.2008: Googles opens its own market place named Android Market.
26.05.2009: Nokia opens its own market place named Ovi Store (as beta).
01.04.2009: Research In Motion opens its own platform BlackBerry AppWorld.
07.03.2012: Google renames its Android Market to "Play" and integrates as yet separate services Music, Movies and Books.
22.01.2013: RIM now offers apps, games, music and movies, therefore RIM renames its "AppWorld" into the better suitable name "BlackBerry World".
30.01.2013: New York: 1 hour exhaustive presentation of the new smartphones Z10 + Q10 with operating system BlackBerry 10 by CEO Thorsten Heins and members of his developers team. Thorsten announces that they have renamed the company to their well-known brand name BlackBerry. To avoid any possibility of confusion its in-house trade fair became renamed into "BlackBerry Live" (old name: BlackBerry World).
09.07.2013: Legal Research In Motion Limited is renamed to BlackBerry Limited only now.
30.06.2017: Google closes the Android Market. For devices with Android 2.1, Google had continued to operate the old app market to this day.
01.04.2018: BlackBerry World no longer hosts paid apps. All purchase mechanisms are deactivated. Paid apps can still be offered when developers implement the payment mechanism in their app itself. Hardly a developer will make the effort. By the way: This is no April Fool!
31.12.2019: BlackBerry closes BlackBerry World. This is the final blow to the best and safest BlackBerry 10 OS mobile operating system.

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