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Apps for Apple iOS

Personal Experience since 2016

All apps tested by myself. Sorted by app name (date of purchase at Apple App Store, start of testing in brackets), my own rating with 1-5 stars

CalenGoo - for Google Calendar and iCloud by Dominique Andre Gunia (01.09.2016 for 6.99 EUR) ***** 5 stars
Best calendar app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! iOS 8.0 or newer required. Languages: German, Englisch, French.
The developer is very friendly, helpfully and qualified! The price of the app is worth it! I have used the Android version for years and now I use the iOS version for my iPhone 7 Plus. Same ingenious GUI. I wish Apple would see CalenGoo as inspiring example for its own embarrassing calendar!

Cesium Music Player by Mike Clay (28.12.2016 for 1.99 EUR) ***** 5 stars
Since Apple iOS 10.0 the best music player for all customers who buy music on Compact Disc and copy them to their PC!

connect by WEKA (24.03.2016 for free) **** 4 stars

Date & Time Calculator by Thomas Tsopanakis (02.06.2016 for 0.99 EUR) ***** 5 stars

DB Navigator by Deutsche Bahn AG (26.03.2016 for free) **** 4 stars

Jahresurlaub by Tobias Knieper (27.03.2016 for 0,99 EUR) ***** 5 stars

Kindle by Amazon (15.08.2016 for free) **** 4 stars
Some books you can unfortunately get only as eBook and mostly as kindle by Amazon. So I could buy the books of Arno Endler who is an excellent German novelist. Because I had purchased books from the very recommendable German authoress Eva Lirot long time before to read them online on my notebook I have tried now first time the Kindle App for iOS. I have no regrets. It works flawless. For the iPhone 6s Plus and its successor iPhone 7 Plus the app is perfect. Like a little pocketbook. But don´t forget to check the battery sometimes ...

Lirum Info by Rogerio Hirooka (12.04.2016 for 2,99 EUR) **** 4 stars

Save.TV by Save.TV (03.04.2016 for free) ***** 5 stars

System Status by Techet (27.03.2016 for 2,99 EUR) **** 4 stars

Urlaubsplan by David Pejinovic (27.03.2016 for 0,99 EUR) **** 3 stars

WeatherPro by MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH (12.04.2016 for 2,99 EUR) ** 2 stars
Adware you have to pay for! No recommendation at all!

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