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Tips for your First Steps on these Web Pages

Help for all new Visitors and Internet Beginners

  1. Language: change the language by mouse click on the flag icon top right from English to German and vice versa.
  2. Navigation: by use of the menu on the top of every page. One button for every main menu. You can page up and page down everywhere (prev/next).
  3. Sub pages: Pages with subpages do not open immediately after selection, but first open their submenu. A second mouse click on the main page or the subpage switches to that location. If you do not like flip-up menus or want to read the entire topic anyway, click on the main page and scroll right up or down - see also 4. For optimal folding on small displays, please activate JavaScript.
  4. browse pages: each page can be clicked on the lower left and right of the page "prev" / "next". If a page has subpages, you'll see "Read more ..." and the subpages are listed in a clearly clickable manner.
  5. back to the top of the page: at the end of each page, you will find the ^ sign for "Top of page".
  6. quickly back to homepage: click in the menu path line "Home" above the current page to jump from everywhere straight to the homepage. Or easy one mouse click above on the title "senseful online".
  7. no other texts only hyperlinks are underlined to avoid any possibility of confusion. Hyperlinks to external pages are boldfaced and underlined and will open the content in a separate window of your web browser to recognise easy: this is no content of "senseful online"! The operator of is not responsible for this website.
  8. read my web pages on your smartphone? Yes! You are welcome! This website has responsive design to fit on every display.
  9. read long texts more comfortable - try the Reader View possible e.g. with Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers  for clutter-free web pages.
  10. Search function: use the search field on the top right: key in your search term, then "Enter" or "OK" or "Send" to apply.
  11. Table of contents: Overview of menu structure, direct selection of each page. See the icon at the top right between the envelope and the printer.

Date Format on this Website

This website is made by a German Webmaster, therefore it has the German date format DD.MM.YYYY, which is also usual in Great Britain.

Scale up/down the Font

Change the font size easy with this keystroke combination:

[Ctrl] and [+] to scale up, [Ctrl] and [-] to scale down.
[Ctrl] and [0] resets to original layout.

It works with all actual versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer, maybe with other browsers, too.


Not only the font, but all other page elements will be scaled. So the entire layout will stay coherent.

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