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Web Browser Plug-ins

Add Functions for better Security and more Comfort

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DNSSEC/TLSA Validator add-on for Web Browsers

DNSSEC/TLSA Validator is a web browser add-on which allows you to check the existence and validity of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) records and Transport Layer Security Association (TLSA) records related to domain names.
Results of these checks are displayed by using icons and information texts in the page’s address-bar or browser tool-bar.

Currently supported

Internet Explorer (IE)
Mozilla Firefox (MF)
Google Chrome/Chromium (GC)
Opera (OP)
Apple Safari (AS)


NoScript is a web browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox which blocks active content.
You can´t be too careful these days. Visiting a website prepared with malware suffices to infect your computer (installed antivirus software is no guarantee for protection).
This can happen also on serious websites when they was hacked and the webmaster hasn´t realized it! Only a combination of best antivirus software and  NoScript and common sense is a very good protection).

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