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Personal Online History of the Maintainer Michael Glaser

Started as User - but later on become Webmaster

Started with BTX, then Datex-P, ISDN, Gallery BBS, FidoNet, WWW, since 1999 Webmaster.

True I ever wanted to be a Vendor of Information

BTX (screen text, an online service of the German Federal Post Office) was very expensive at that time and providers of own pages could only be with a trade license. The German Federal Post Office assumed that one makes money with his BTX offer and the high fees are deducted from the tax.

Vendor of BTX with Business Registration only - improper as a Hobby

Therefore I couldn´t start a BTX career, because for me BTX was only fun and hobby - similar as these web pages you are reading now are made as a hobby and all informations are for free.

Bulletin Board Service Gallery BBS - Member of FidoNet

Anyway I could offer my own and other collected informations, freeware and shareware via my Gallery BBS to interested parties via dial-up networking.
Long before Email exists, my PC has sended Netmails and very urgent Crashmails via FidoNet.
A very exciting time, where it was not possible to mouse click from page to page to change a vendor, but dial-up via Modem or ISDN from BBS to BBS - every change of the BBS has cost a new unit.
Flatrate tariffs were unknown at these times.

Service was similar as today, Chat & Online Games were popular

The information supply was very similar as today, even a chat with the System Operator (Abbr.: SysOp = Mailbox Maintainer) or with another simultaneous connected user was popular.

Since about eighteen Years Maintainer of Websites

At the beginning on my first web page I had offered the information pages and Freeware/Shareware from my previous successful maintained Mailbox Gallery BBS.
I had tried to keep the menu control and user surface of my Gallery BBS to make it easier for my users.
But it was impossible, so I gave up this idea in a little while.

At 30 November 2001 the Projekt "sinnvoll online" began

At the last day of November 2001 I received the domain from my Internet Service Provider. Since that time I supply general information separated from the domain
Both are private, therefore non-commercial, but on I have described informations about my person and my hobbies whereas offers worthwhile information for the community e. g. my experience with Computers (HW & SW) and Mobile Telephony (Equipment & Tariff Plans).

In Detail

Thanks a lot for your Interest

I am glad that you have read until here - maybe in those days you were User of my Gallery BBS?
If yes, I would be glad about a message from you.

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