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Personal Online History of the Maintainer Michael Glaser

Started as User - but later on become Webmaster

True I ever wanted to be a vendor of informations

Started with BTX, then Datex-P, ISDN, Gallery BBS, FidoNet, WWW, since 1999 Webmaster.

Vendor of BTX with Business Registration only - improper as a Hobby

BTX (Bildschirmtext launched in West Germany in 1983 by the Deutsche Bundespost) was very expensive and you could be a vendor of own pages if you have a business. Deutsche Bundespost as service provider has assumed that everyone wants to make profit with the service and write-off the high charges against tax.

Therefore I couldn´t start a BTX career, because for me BTX was only fun and hobby - similar as these web pages you are reading now are made as a hobby and all informations are for free.

Bulletin Board Service Gallery BBS - Member of FidoNet

Anyway I could offer my own and other collected informations, freeware and shareware via my Gallery BBS to interested parties via dial-up networking.
Long before Email exists, my PC has sended Netmails and very urgent Crashmails via FidoNet.
A very exciting time, where it was not possible to mouse click from page to page to change a vendor, but dial-up via Modem or ISDN from BBS to BBS - every change of the BBS has cost a new unit.
Flatrate tariffs were unknown at these times.

Service was similar as today, Chat & Online Games were popular

The information supply was very similar as today, even a chat with the System Operator (Abbr.: SysOp = Mailbox Maintainer) or with another simultaneous connected user was popular.

Since about eighteen Years Maintainer of Websites

At the beginning on my first web page I had offered the information pages and Freeware/Shareware from my previous successful maintained Mailbox Gallery BBS.
I had tried to keep the menu control and user surface of my Gallery BBS to make it easier for my users.
But it was impossible, so I gave up this idea in a little while.

At 30 November 2001 the Projekt "sinnvoll online" began

At the last day of November 2001 I received the domain from my Internet Service Provider. Since that time I supply general information separated from the domain
Both are private, therefore non-commercial, but on I have described informations about my person and my hobbies whereas offers worthwhile information for the community e. g. my experience with Computers (HW & SW) and Mobile Telephony (Equipment & Tariff Plans).

In Detail

Thanks a lot for your Interest

I am glad that you have read until here - maybe in those days you were User of my Gallery BBS?
If yes, I would be glad about a message from you.

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