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About this Website and its Maintainer

Who is the Maintainer of senseful online?

Webmaster of this web presence is Michael Glaser from Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Details can be found in the site notice required by law (§ 5 Telemediengesetz).

What is the whole purpose of that web presence?

senseful online (German: sinnvoll online) is a hobby activity from Michael Glaser.

Technical fascination, exchange of experiences, recommendation of good internet addresses and private further education in web design were reasons for establishing this web presence in April 1999. At first still with my name as domain. Since 30.11.2001 by the motto senseful online:

On 30.11.2001 I have registered the first domain German content only.
On 09.06.2013 I have registered two additional domains with TLD ".eu": for German content, for English content.
On 03.07.2015 I have registered the domain and on 07.07.2015 I have registered the domain for English content.
So all website visitors with command of English can understand the content which you can reach with these domains (redirects to the German domain name but web pages with English-language content).

Who is the potential target audience of this website?

senseful online offers informations for citizens of Germany and their visitors.

Which does sinnvoll online mean at my German domains, and

sinnvoll = meaningful, reasonable, senseful, sensible.
online = in the web, same word as in German, it´s an anglicism.
In English the suitable domain name for that is
Therefore I have registrated additional the domain

In English you say "it makes sense".
In German you would word "It is senseful" or "It is reasonable" ("es ist sinnvoll").

The domain name shall be the motto of this web presence: Don´t be meaningless for hours on the web.
The name of the domain shall intrigue e-mail users for visiting my website. Wink Smiley

With an internet flatrate tariff (unlimited plan) you can surf the web lasting for hours without getting horrible high invoices. But time is money, too!
My website wants to help with an always growing collection of nice and useful internet addresses to be senseful online ever.

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